Donald Bond’s first car, A 1977 Chevy Nova was shared with his identical twin brother, Ward Bond one of the three Bond’s to host the new television show, Car Time TV. His love for cars came at a very early age one Christmas morning around the age of 2.  A bright red push car under the tree was soon pounding the pavement of the local funeral home where his father worked as a mortician. The only cars at the time Donald knew where the hot-rodded ambulances and the Cadillac Hearses lining the garages. Read More


wardbiopicExecutive Producer

Ward Bond, the owner of The Whitfield Media Group, Inc, is a hard driving creative force behind everything he lays his hands too. Ward divides his time between multiple ongoing television projects, but his true passion is cars.

He is the identical twin brother of Car TimeTV host Donald Bond and the father of the other host Sterling Bond.

Born in Atlanta and raised in a small Texas town of Liberty, his love of cars started when he received his first Matchbox car. From there is the passion grew. Living upstairs at the local Liberty funeral home, a place where ambulances roared out of the garage and before paramedics were invented. The place was a secret hot rodder’s dream. One in particular was a 1956 Ford F-100 panel with a Cadillac motor and a siren that would alert the hospital it was coming from 3 miles away. During the days when ambulances weren’t rushing to pick up the next traffic victim (in the 1960’s and 1970’s) or the hearses weren’t giving the final rides to the cemetery, as a young boy, Ward was climbing up on the hoods of the cars washing the windshields with nothing but water and a rag. Read More


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