Long Black Cadillac

'60 Coupe DeVille by Octane and Iron
’60 Coupe DeVille by Octane and Iron

In 1960, Cadillac refined the Coupe DeVille with smoother lines, sloping rear windshield and larger mouth grille. Cadillac eased-up on the chrome trim, marking the slow end of ‘dripping in chrome’. The ’59 bullet tail-lights were discontinued for a slimmer design. The ’59 bullet tail-lights are still and staple in hot rod custom design as they are iconic and timeless.

These Coupe DeVille’s are very popular with hot-rodders, rockabilly and the rebellious. They scream The Blues, Rock’n Roll and Country!

@octaneandiron from Magnolia Texas showing off their long and low #Cadillac Coupe de Ville sitting sinister on steelies and waiting for #johnnycash to finish his set before he climbs in the back of this long black Cadillac. On display at the 9th Annual Texas Hoedown in New Caney, Texas. Next year is the Hoedown’s 10th Anniversary and they are promising a bigger show with more surprises!

When you’re driving a Cadillac, you are never in a hurry! We’ll get there, when we get there!

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