No Longer Your Working Man’s Car


15impalabeS2We recently reviewed the new 2015 ‪#‎Chevrolet‬ ‪#‎Impala‬ ‪#‎BlackEdition‬‪ #‎LTZ‬ and as your Host, Donald Bond … I have to say I was quite blown away with this car. My Dad drove many Impalas through the decades. It was the working man’s car. The traveling salesman’s car. The family car. Name it, the Impala was it! Of course it was the sister to the luxurious Caprice which my Dad own several of those as well. More about those cars in another post.

The new Impala should NOT be overlooked at your next sedan. I know I can hear it now…”You won’t catch me in a rental car.” This is not a rental car! I can honestly say it is a World Class Sedan and it’s European counterparts need to take notice!

15impalabe2Long gone is the clunky, bouncing and rolling feel of such sedan. The 19’s are wrapped in P245/45/19 and the suspension is dialed on for such a sizable car. This new Impala is responsive, rides smooth, has the power to even surprise and startle those around you on the freeway. You should have seen the look on the guy in a hot rodded C5 Corvette. I did get a thumbs up from the guy! Ha!

The leather seats are sculptured correctly for perfect seating position and comfort. My bones didn’t hurt one bit! The dash layout is one of the most pleasant I’ve come across in a long time. Full navigation and infotainment system. Bose system is concert quality! Lots of legroom, especially for tall people like me! Going on a trip? Pop open the trunk and you’ll be able to pack enough stuff to drive from California & New York…and back without having to wear the same thing twice!

15impalabe3At $39,000 it’s really a bargain considering with all the car offers. Best Styling, Great smooth ride, big interior, huge trunk…and even the teenagers of today think this car is cool! So there you go!

The new Impala is no longer the Working Man’s car. It’s Everyone’s Car!

– Host, Donald Bond

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